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Greek Monster Pack:

Greek Monster Pack 

Be sure to check out our interactive demo to see everything this package has to offer! 

This package includes 8 low-poly, animated, partially mecanim-compatible, customizable monsters based on Greek mythology: 

  • Centaur 

  • Cyclops 

  • Giant 

  • Gorgon 

  • Half-Spider 

  • Harpy 

  • Minotaur 

  • Satyr 

The monsters have individual versions of the following animations: 

  • Walk 

  • Run 

  • Idle 

  • Combat Idle 

  • Receive Hit 

  • Attack 01 

  • Attack 02 

  • Fall 

The monsters partially support mecanim animations on a practical level. For example: the centaur allows mecanim animations to override the human portion of the body, while the giant and cyclops are fully mecanim-compatible. A full breakdown of mecanim compatibility on a per-character basis can be found below. 

The package includes prefabs with ragdoll joints already setup. 


A script has been included to allow for changes to the character’s appearance including: 

  • Easy changes between the 362 total character materials included in this package, supporting 3 skin tones, an average of 10 beast body colors, 20 eye colors, and 11 hair colors. 

  • Simple selection of the 6 male hair styles, 4 female hair styles, 7 male and female eyebrow styles, and 5 beard styles. 

  • Quick randomization of appearance features. 


Have questions? 

Contact Imitation Studios 

Check out our other assets! 


Detailed mesh information, including poly-counts, can be found below. 

Use of other generic horse/spider animations on the corresponding beast in this package is not recommended. This includes animations from the Stylized Low-poly Horse Pack by Imitation Studios. 

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