Reactive Rider

Update 2.9 Current Animation List:

  • Primary

    • Redesigned Walk Backwards

    • Redesigned Collected Walk

    • Redesigned extended Walk

    • Redesigned Collected Trot

    • Redesigned extended Trot

    • Redesigned Left Lead Canter

    • Redesigned Right Lead Canter

    • Redesigned Collected Gallop

    • Redesigned extended Gallop

    • Redesigned Idle

    • Idle left

    • Idle Right

    • Rear Left Full

    • Rear Left Light

    • Rear Left Very Light

    • Rear Right Full

    • Rear Right Light

    • Rear Right Very Light

    • Shy Left

    • Shy Right

    • Stationary Turn Left

    • Stationary Turn Right

    • Jump 01 Left 

    • Jump 01 Right 

    • Jump 02 Left 

    • Jump 02 Right

  • Override

    • Blinking Double

    • Blinking DreamFlutter

    • Blinking Lazy

    • Blinking Normal

    • Eye State Closed

    • Eye State Open

    • Mouth Bite

    • Mouth Chew

    • Mouth State Open

    • Mouth State Closed

    • Mouth UpperLip Quiver

    • Breathing Heavy

    • Breathing Labored Quick

    • Breathing Labored Slow

    • Breathing Light

    • Breathing Medium

    • Breathing Medium Quick

    • Breathing Relaxed

    • Nose Snort

    • Nose Snuff

  • Transitions

    • Graze Transition

    • Head LookUp CenterLeft Transition 1

    • Head LookUp CenterLeft Transition 2

    • Head LookUp CenterRight Transition 1

    • Head LookUp CenterRight Transition 2

    • Head LookUp CenterLeft to CenterRight Transition

    • Idle Right Transition

    • Idle Left Transition

    • Walk Transition from Idle Center

    • Walk Transition from Idle Left

    • Walk Transition from Idle Right

  • Additive

    • Graze

    • Head Scratch Left from Idle Center

    • Head Scratch Right from Idle Center

    • Head Scratch from Idle Left

    • Head Scratch from Idle Right

    • Head Look Left Walk Reference

    • Head Look Right Walk Reference

    • Head Look Left Idle Reference

    • Head Look Right Idle Reference

    • Head Bob

    • Head Bob Light

    • Head LookUp CenterLeft

    • Head LookUp CenterRight

    • Head Nod

    • Head Nod Light

    • Head Shake

    • Head Shake Light

    • Head Snap Forward 1 Quick

    • Head Snap Forward 1 Slow

    • Head Snap Forward 2 Quick

    • Head Snap Forward 2 Slow

    • Head Snap Left Quick

    • Head Snap Left Slow

    • Head Snap Right Quick

    • Head Snap Right Slow

    • Head Snort Left

    • Head Snort Right

    • Head Stretch

    • Body Lean Center

    • Body Lean Left

    • Body Lean Right

    • Spinal Curve Center

    • Spinal Curve Right

    • Spinal Curve Left

    • BackLeg Paw Heavy Left

    • BackLeg Paw light Left

    • BackLeg Paw Tap Left

    • BackLeg Paw Heavy Right

    • BackLeg Paw light Right

    • BackLeg Paw Tap Right

    • FrontLeg Paw Heavy Right

    • FrontLeg Paw Light Right

    • FrontLeg Paw Heavy Left

    • FrontLeg Paw Light Left

    • Tail Flick Left Up

    • Tail Flick Left Center

    • Tail Flick Left Down

    • Tail Flick Right Up

    • Tail Flick Right Center

    • Tail Flick Right Down

    • Tail Wag

  • Mecanim

    • Bent at Chest

    • Unbent at Chest

    • Chest Twisted Left

    • Chest Twisted Right

    • Chest Twisted Neutral

    • Hands Closed

    • Horseback Legs Open

    • Horseback Legs Closed

    • Upper Body Forward

    • Upper Body Back

    • Upper Body Neutral

Update 2.9:

After hundreds of work hours spanning several months, Update 2.9, the first in a series of updates leading into Update 3.0, has been released!

Update 2.9 features a completely redesigned rig that allows for a far greater range of animations, increasing the total animation clip count from a measly 21 to 105! There are two other changes that take an already good size update to the next level: support for Root Motion and Animation Layering. Root Motion drastically reduces foot slip and make minor adjustments to object speed a matter of simply adjusting the animation speed. Animation Layering allows for hundreds of unique combinations and smoother transitions. Now, your horse can nod its head while its idling, while it’s trotting, cantering or even in the middle of walk-trot transitions. All you need is simple grasp of animation controllers, and you can control this as well as corner lean, spinal curvature, and much more!

Update 2.9 is now out. If you need any support for version 2.31 or earlier versions, or if you have questions about the upcoming release, you can email me at:!

(Included Version 2.3)

(Included Version 2.3)

(Included Version 2.3)

(Included Version 2.3)

(Included Version 2.3)

The Orbital Aiming System is now out!

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