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Blink State:

The blink state functions by teleporting the projected player in a specific direction relative to a specified object, locking the projected players movement, and greatly reducing the character representation’s speed. The blink state is exited when the distance between the character representation and the projected player is less than a specified distance. As of update 1.1, the blink state can be activated through one of two methods:

  1. Barricades:

    1. Barricades will trigger the blink state when vaulting. Refer to the included documentation for more information. Video tutorials are also available on this subject.

  2. The following method:

    1. MultiStateCharacterController.RequestBlink(float blinkCharacterRepSpeed, Vector3 blinkDirection, BlinkTravelMethod blinkTravelMethod, bool blinkProjectForward, bool groundVector, string animationName = "", bool snapRotation = false, float stateDelay = 0, float newRecoveryTime = 0f, float newAchievementDistance = 0.4f, float newMaxHeightChange = 2f, float minDistanceChange = 0.5f, float animationHeightOffset = 0)  

For more information:



Video Tutorial: Barricades Part-One (Basics)

Video Tutorial: Barricades Part-Two (Specialized)

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