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Getting Started:

Changing the Character Mesh:

(*Refer to video tutorial as needed, Figure 3.)

Unity Ragdoll Documentation

        1.    Create or load a scene with a gameobject that can serve as flat ground.

        2.   Place the PlayerUnit_Empty prefab, located in “MultiStateCharacterController/Prefabs/Player”, in the scene at the position (0, 0, 0)

        3.   Place your custom character mesh into the scene.

        4.   Remove any colliders attached to your character mesh.

        5.   Scale and position your character mesh so that it fits in the PlayerUnit_Empty’s capsule collider.

        6.   Set the character mesh’s parent to be the Gyro gameobject.

        7.   Attach the AnimationEventHandler script to your character mesh.

        8.   Attach an animator component to your character mesh.

        9.   Assign the animator’s controller value to be “MultiState_Animator”

       10.  Run the ragdoll wizard on your character mesh and adjust the results as required.

        11.  Assign the character mesh’s animator to the “animator” parameter of the “Player” MSCC script.

       12.  Assign every rigidbody in the ragdoll to the “Player” “Ragdoll” array parameter of the MSCC script.

       13.  Assign Layers Normally (See Section 1.2)

       14.  Set and the adjust the MSCC script IK parameters, as necessary. (See 3.0.1.q.iv – 3.0.1.q.xi)

       15.  Adjust “CharacterRepHeightOffset” and “BodyOffset” parameters of the MSCC script as needed. (See 3.0.1.b.iii and 3.0.1.q.xi)

(Figure 3. Changing the Character Mesh Video Tutorial)

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