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Flying State:

How does the player enter the flying state?

By default, with the Enable Flying from Falling parameter enabled, the player will enter the flying state by pressing space while in the falling state. The player will fail to enter the state from a jump if the flying or falling raycast distance is too high and automatic land is set to true. If you wish to disable the flying state or have a custom activator, set the Enable Flying from Falling parameter to false. The following can be used to manually set the player in the flying state:




Note: keep in mind that the flying state may still be overridden by higher priority states, even if set manually.


How can I prevent the player from landing over certain areas?

Place any collider predefined by the Disable Land Layer mask of the MSCC script below the areas that you do not want the player to land over. This object does not need a mesh only a collider. Please be aware of the following two exceptions:

  1. The disable land layer does not force the player into the flying state. It only prevents the player from entering the falling or grounded state. If you wish to force the player into the flying state, you will need to set it manually (See How does the player enter the flying state?).

  2. Even when the player is above a marked disable land collider, the player will still enter higher priority states, such as swimming.


How can I customize my player’s flight characteristics?

All the movement-related flight parameters are located under the Flying Controls header of the MSCC script located on the projected player. Adjust parameters like base speed, drag, dive and ascent speed, constant forward, rotation speed, and gravity. Refer to the included documentation pdf file in the asset pack for detailed information on each of these parameters (Section 3.0.1.k).


How do I adjust the severity of the character’s gyroscopic rotation while in the flying state?

Refer to section 3.0.1.p for information on the parameters controlling gyroscopic rotation in the flying state.

Note: refer to Section 3.0.1.n.iii for other gyro settings.

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