Getting Started:

Profile Information (Update 1.1):

      Documentation Reference

Hierarchy Overview:

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Layers and Input:

      Written and Video Tutorial

Changing The Character Mesh:

      Written and Video Tutorial

Changing The Control Scheme:

      Written and Video Tutorial

Adjusting Character Speed:

      Written Tutorial

Setting The Player's Position:

      The player's position can be set using the following function:

       MultiStateCharacterController.SetPlayerPosition(Vector3 Position)


               gameObject.GetComponent<MultistateCharacterController>().SetPlayerPosition(new Vector3(0, 3, 0));

Profile Information (Update 1.1):

Section 0.A:

Profile Information:

1.    Beginning with update 1.1, the primary settings of the multi-state character controller, listed in this documentation, have been moved to a            scriptable object class. The local transform, animation, and object references required are still listed under the MultiStateCharacterController Script.

2.    To create a new profile:

        a.    Right click in your project tab.

        b.    Click on Create/MSCC/MSCC Profile

        c.     Assign the new profile to your player.

3.    Important: Profiles do not update after the start of the scene. To make runtime parameter changes, modify the MultiStateCharacterController.settings class. DO NOT modify the profiles at runtime.


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