Getting Started:

Hierarchy Overview:

The player should be setup as follows:

(*Refer to visual reference, Figure 1.)

  1. Player Unit

    1. Empty gameobject functioning as encapsulating parent.

      1. CameraRig

        1. Child of Player unit

        2. focal position of the camera

        3. located at the player

        4. contains MultiStatePlayerInputScript

          1. XAxis

            1. Child of the CameraRig

            2. located at the local position (0, 0, 0)

              1. Actual Camera

                1. Child of XAxis

                2. Located at the furthest zoomed out location

                3. Main Camera – Located at local position (0, 0, 0)

                4. Contains Camera Collision Script (Optional)

                5. Contains standard Camera Script

              2. CameraPlaceHolder

                1. Empty Gameobject located at Actual Camera’s location

                2. Child of XAxis

      2. Player (Also called ProjectedPlayer)

        1. Child of Player Unit

        2. Located at local position (0, 0, 0)

        3. Contains Rigidbody

        4. Contains CapsuleCollider (Material should be set to multistatePhyMat)

        5. Contains MultistateCharacterController Script

      3. Character (Also called Character Representation)

        1. Child of Player Unit

        2. Located on ground

        3. Contains Simple Health Script (Optional)

          1. Gyro

            1. Child of Character

            2. Located at local position (0, value equal to half of character height, 0)

              1. Character Prefab

                1. Child of Gyro

                2. Located at local position (0, negative value equal to half of character, 0) height)

                3. Prefab Containing Character Mesh

                4. Contains Animator

                5. Contains Animation Event Handler Script

                6. Contains Capsule Collider (Optional)

                7. Contains Rigidbody set to Kinematic (Optional)

                8. All other player related scripts not associated with movement should be attached to this gameobject!

(Figure 1. Player Unit Heirarchy)

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