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Swimming State:

How does the player enter the Swimming state?

The player will enter the swimming state when it is below a collider predefined by the water layer mask of the MSCC script. The player must be below the collider not within it. The gameobject defining the water surface is not required to have a mesh, only a collider.


How do I prevent the player from diving?

Set the Allow Dive parameter of the MSCC script located on the projected player to false.

Note: the player will still move under the water if falling into it with enough force but will quickly return to the surface level. If the player should not go below the surface at all, you will need to set an invisible wall below the water surface to prevent this behavior.


How can I adjust the player’s position in the water relative to the water surface/How can I adjust the player orientation when entering or exiting the water?

Adjust the following parameters: Swimming Raycast Distance (Section 3.0.1.d.vii), Swimming Raycast Offset (Section 3.0.1.l.iii), and Surface Break Adjustment (Section 3.0.1.l.iv).


Can I use different animation’s for swimming at the water’s surface?

Absolutely! Just change the animation clips of the “surfaceSwim” blend tree in the included Animator and adjust the transition into the animator state to adjust water depth activation.


How do I adjust the player’s deceleration while in the swimming state?

Adjust the Swimming Drag Parameter of the MSCC script located on the Projected Player. (Section 3.0.1.l.i)


How do I adjust the severity of the character’s gyroscopic rotation while in the swimming state?

Refer to section 3.0.1.o for information on the parameters controlling gyroscopic rotation in the swimming state.

Note: refer to Section 3.0.1.n.iii for other gyro settings.

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